This work log details selected products, projects, experience and events we have participated in since we started working with investment advisors over twenty years ago.  It is meant to be an informal, but informative accounting of what we do for our clients.  Many of these solutions are still in use today.  However, some have been replaced by solutions that we created later.

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Correction of Upper and Lower Case Issues in Axys

Axys data was unreliable due to their inconsistent use of upper and lower case in filenames.  Though the client preferred to keep all files names in lowercase, at some point the case of a seemingly random group of files was changed to upper case. We created a program to rename upper case performance and client files back to lower case as required by the client.


Moxy Duration Import

Automated periodic import of duration into Moxy.


Support for Backoffice Firms

For many years, we have supported the system design and automation needs of firms running the backoffice for other firms.

As an example, one of the firms we work with manages the backoffice accounting for many firms using Axys. All of the firms they support own and maintain multi-user Axys licenses, but the company works from a central Axys database.  Some Axys information files are shared, but most are not.  Axys users can go into any of the companies they service by simply clicking the appropriate Axys shortcut for that company

Axys reports, macros, scripts, VB, and VBA automation have been designed to leverage centralized processing whenever possible, but allow decentralized processing so the the backoffice staff can work on a given company independently when they want to.  DXData downloads, pricing, ACD downloads, and conversions have all been automated.