This work log details selected products, projects, experience and events we have participated in since we started working with investment advisors over twenty years ago.  It is meant to be an informal, but informative accounting of what we do for our clients.  Many of these solutions are still in use today.  However, some have been replaced by solutions that we created later.

Entries in Axys Report Writing (4)


635 Report Modifications

Modifed Axys 635 report to customized select time periods, added N/As where applicable, and added section headers for asset classes versus indices via replang.


Client Billing Systems

We have created several client billing solutions. Our first program was created in 1990.  These solutions vary from extremely simply modifications of standard Axys reports to stand alone applications that interface with Axys. Unfortunately, we have seen very few clients with identical billing requirements.  We have two fundemental solutions:

Our more complex billing solution is EZFee which extracts data from Axys/APX and creates client statements via Crystal Reports.  EZFee supports and reports on multiple billing parties.  It also does forward billing and back billing.  These reports are customized to look just like your Axys reports.  EZFee also creates a number of CSV data extracts, and/or reports detailing management information about billing including, custodian invoices, representative payout summaries, etc.

The simpler alternative is a one page compound report clearing detailing managed assets, billing calculations and which accounts are billed how much.


Customization of Bond Ratings

Created custom fixed income reports in Axys to simplify bond ratings to client's specifications. In this case, the fixed income managers didn't like the ratings. Upon request the standard ratings were mapped to those preferred by the client.


New Money Report

Created a custom Axys report to display new assets.