This work log details selected products, projects, experience and events we have participated in since we started working with investment advisors over twenty years ago.  It is meant to be an informal, but informative accounting of what we do for our clients.  Many of these solutions are still in use today.  However, some have been replaced by solutions that we created later.

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Asset Class Report over Time Horizon 

Created an Excel sheet which details Axys asset class exposure over a given time horizon. This Excel sheet assigns a numerical value for each time period and portfolio which allows operators to easily identify the asset class breakdown.


Axys Price and Index Update via Bloomberg and Excel Automation

We have created Excel worksheets to automate data pulls as needed from Bloomberg, and make calls to Axys from Excel VBA to post that information into Axys.


Excel Audit File to Audit Population Queries for Composites

PQ Check is an Excel spreadsheet with macros that enable PQ Check to populate Axys, or APX performance data for a given time period, group, and set of asset classes. Significant flows are taken into account as each month end performance figure is calculated. PQ Check also color codes each Excel cell red, or green based on whether market value requirements, and other composite requirements are met. The result is the ability to view and audit several years of performance data at a glance. This is an important tool for those who build, and need to do quality control on their composites.



Extract Reporting Module for Axys (ERMA)

ERMA creates a comprehensive account summary with tables, charts and graphs by collecting data from several Axys reports via a system of scripts, macros and custom reports. Once the data has been collected, reports are generated via Excel and Visual Basic. Reports that were previously created manually can be generated in seconds with ERMA.